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Edited by
Lawrence M. Schoen
and Arthur Dorrance

Our second book, "unofficially" releasing at the World Fantasy Convention 2008 on November 1st, is Alembical, an anthology that extends Paper Golem's commitment to the genre by focusing on the novella, an all too often, under-appreciated length. Alembical gives voice to four of the field's most dynamic writers at the powerful novella length, leaping from sub-genre to sub-genre, and leaving the reader breathless in the process. This anthology will redefine your understanding of the novella.


"Here are four of the deftest sleight-of-hand artists working in the fantastic today. ... They will slip past your expectations before you know it and astound you without ever raising their voices beyond a hypnotic murmur."

— James Patrick Kelly, Hugo, Nebula, and Locus award-winning author

"The four novellas of Alembical will take you to wildly diverse places. ... Challenging, intricate, and beautifully crafted, the stories are a treat to read."

— Nancy Kress, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of Dogs

"Every one is a masterpiece.  This collection goes on the top of my re-read stack!"

— Jerry Oltion, author of Paradise Passed

"It's great to see a new venue for novellas.  Alembical puts together four of the most original writers in the field and lets them run.  Buy it."

— Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Hugo award-winning author of Recovery Man

"Alembical illuminates past, present, and future, exploring theoretical physics, alternate history, family dynamics, and the collision of random moments powerful enough to unify or destroy."

— Leslie What, author of Crazy Love

"The finely crafted writing should appeal to fans of both speculative and mainstream fiction."

 Publishers Weekly


Alembical. 172 pages. Available in 3 formats:

Trade Paperback.
US$13.00 + S&H.

ISBN: 978-0-9795349-2-8.

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US$25.00 + S&H.

ISBN: 978-0-9795349-1-1.

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Collector's Hardcover.
US$37.00 + S&H.

Includes Hardcover edition, as well as Cucurbital, a companion chapbook containing four original short stories by the Alembical authors, limited to 200 copies, signed and numbered. Only available from the Paper Golem website.

ISBN: 978-0-9795349-3-5.

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  • Philipp Geisler (cover art)
  • Lawrence M. Schoen, "Preface"
  1. Jay Lake, "America, Such as She Is "
  2. Bruce Taylor , "13 Miles to Paradise! "
  3. James Van Pelt, "Harvest"
  4. Ray Vukcevich , "Now You See Us "

Book design and layout by Lawrence M. Schoen.


Alembical Cover