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Edited by
Arthur Dorrance
and Lawrence M. Schoen

The distillation of original novellas continues with this second volume, featuring work by Tony Pi, David D. LeVine, and J. Katlheen Cheney.

Alembical 2 has gone to press and is now available for pre-order through the end of May. Books will ship by June 1st. To celebrate the release of our second volume of original novellas, we're offering free shipping (domestic orders only) on not only pre-orders of the new book, but on any of our other books, until the end of May.


“Schoen and Dorrance have found three authors who nail it perfectly.”

— from the starred review in Publishers Weekly

“A hat trick of delightful stories from Pi, Levine, and Cheney. A three-pack of novella goodness. A menage a trois of... um... well, let’s just say all three stories were engaging, original, and a pleasure to read.”

— Jim C. Hines, author of The Mermaid’s Madness

“From Pi’s shapeshifting antiquities thief in modern London, to Levine’s far-future astronaut clone who finds himself paying for sins he doesn’t remember committing, to Cheney’s fair folk in turn of the century Saratoga Springs, each novella portrays a complete and well-realized world, with engaging characters and great story-telling.”

— Martha Wells, author of The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy

“These authors take on the challenging form of the novella with panache, delivering tightly-structured stories that, while ranging from hard science to pure fantasy, demonstrate the same skill at capturing the reader’s imagination from the very first paragraph.”

— Alison Baird, author of The Dragon Throne

“Reading the novellas is like sitting down with a great big ice cream sundae. This book offers three excellent flavors of high adventure—good for the spirit, good for the mind. Pi, Levine, and Cheney each serve up their own unique, satisfying tales of sf/f.”

— Jeff Carlson, author of Plague Zone

“Prepare to be drawn in, prepare to be amazed, and prepare to meet characters as unforgettable as their settings. A remarkable collection!”

— Julie E. Czerneda, author of The Clan Chronicles

“Pi, Levine, and Cheney write with assured grace and reward the reader with fine storytelling.”

— Patrice Sarath, author of Gordath Wood and Red Gold Bridge

“The novella hits its stride in Alembical 2, which offers engrossing tales from three powerful writing talents. A must-read for any lover of speculative fiction.”

— Rebecca Moesta, New York Times bestselling author

“Fresh and innovative”

— Violette Malan, author of The Storm Witch


Alembical 2. 228 pages. Available in 2 formats:

Trade Paperback.
US$16.00 + S&H.

ISBN: 978-0-9795349-8-0.

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US$28.00 + S&H.

ISBN: 978-0-9795349-7-3.

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  • Rebecca Sennet (cover art)
  • Walter H. Hunt, "Introduction"
  1. Tony Pi, "The Paragon Lure"
  2. David D. Levine, "Second Chance"
  3. J. Kathleen Cheney, "Iron Shoes"

Book design and layout by Lawrence M. Schoen.


Alembical Cover