Anger Management

Book Cover: Anger Management
Part of the Adrenaline Rush series:

Washed up actor Ben "Coop" Cooper was injected with an experimental alien virus that saved his life, erased years of alcohol abuse from his liver, and made him thirty years younger.

It also created Dyrk, a secondary personality living in his head, who believes himself to be an action hero!

Together, Coop and Dyrk rid Titan of the Box, a race of machine intelligences. Along the way they saved Potato, an alien lifeform that's also the source of the virus that could cure everything.

Now the Box have returned to Titan, sending a squad of killer robot avatars armed with octopus-like weapon tentacles to retrieve Potato, their most holy of objects. They also want Dr. Acorns, the researcher who created the experimental virus, and they'll take her dead or alive.

And then there's Tycho, a brain dead, comatose teenager who was also part of Acorns's experiment. Tycho has woken up. The lights are on, but no one's home. Instead she's operating on instincts and reflexes honed from thousands of hours of post-apocalyptic war movies, leaving her a zombie killing machine.

Can Coop (and Dyrk) defeat the Box, find a way to save Jess, and restore Tycho? And how will the assistance of an alien crime boss with his own vendetta against the Box hinder or harm them?