Buffalito Destiny

The Amazing Conroy Book 5

Caught between an erupting volcano

And telepathic dreams of disaster...

He’s committed to the unimaginable — dedicating his company to doing good in the world.

Cleaning up Earth’s worst toxic waste site with omnivorous buffalitos seemed like a good plan, until ecoterrorists target the Amazing Conroy, stage-hypnotist-turned-CEO. Meanwhile, a tour bus of aliens is trying to convince him to embrace a mysterious purpose amidst ancient Mayan ruins.

Now the fate of the Earth hangs on a single decision.

Conroy will need all his hypnotic skills, the support of his best friend, and insight from his dead aunt, if he is to save himself, the buffalitos, and the planet.

And just maybe, along the way, he'll find his true destiny.

Publisher: Paper Golem LLC
Cover Artists: