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Edited by
Lawrence M. Schoen
and Arthur Dorrance

A new direction for Paper Golem, this book is not simply speculative fiction; it's a peek into the writing process itself. Writers are always asked two questions: "where do you get the idea for your story?" and "how do you go from idea to finished work?" This anthology offers insight into the second question by handing the book's authors the answer to the first one. Here are seven short stories that began with the same three prompts: watermelon, turtle, sex worker. They cover the spectra from comic to mythic, absurd to poignant, pragmatic to breathtaking. And all from three simple prompts: watermelon, turtle, sex worker.



Cucurbital 2. 100 pages. Available in 2 formats:

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ISBN: 978-0-9835521-1-6.

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ISBN: 978-0-9835521-2-3.

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  • Anne-Sophie Potvin (cover art)
  • Lawrence M. Schoen, "Introduction"
  1. Catherine Schaff-Stump, "Turtle of the Earth"
  2. Mike Rimar, "Chicka-Chicka-Bow-Wow"
  3. Kat Otis, "Of Preferences and Preferment"
  4. E. Catherine Tobler, "melonbaby"
  5. Richard Baldwin, "The Sentience Gun"
  6. Melissa Mead, "Melonheads and Squashers"
  7. C. L. Holland, "Dark Ghosts and Flamingos"

Book design and layout by Lawrence M. Schoen.


Cucurbital 2 Cover