Seeds of War

Scorched Earth
Part of the Seeds of War series:

When the alien Gardener invaded the agricultural world of Vasquez, only that planet was in immediate danger. Now humanity must be warned of possible attack and retired Marine Lieutenant General Colby Edson is the only man for the job. With his dog Duke, he jury rigs an alien ship and traverses the wormhole to New Mars, only to become trapped while more of the Gardener's soldiers invade and attempt to strip away all trace of humanity from the planet.

But are the invaders intent on destruction and conquest, or are humans simply weeds in their garden? In a battle of wills and strength, who will irradicate whom?

Former psychology professor Lawrence M. Schoen and retired Marine Colonel Jonathan P. Brazee join forces in this second volume of the SEEDS OF WAR trilogy, pitting Marine against Gardener, with the fate of all of humanity hanging in the balance.

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