Adrenaline Rush

Alien Thrill Seeker
Part of the Adrenaline Rush series:

Before being injected by an alien virus, Ben "Coop" Cooper was a washed-up movie star — black-listed, alcoholic, and dying. Almost overnight, his body healed and his aging process began to reverse.

Now the Box — a race of machine intelligences that can spread their awareness across multiple robot bodies — are hunting both him and Dr. Jessica Acorns, the doctor who created the virus.

Or maybe not. An unexpected side effect of Jess's virus has created 'Dyrk,' a kind of viral personality living in Coop's head who believes himself to be an action adventure hero!

Dyrk insists he can defeat the Box and get everyone safely off Titan, if only Coop will surrender control of their shared body for a while.

But Dyrk has an agenda of his own. He wants to save Potato, the alien lifeform which the source of Jess's virus and as well as the most holy of objects to the Box.

Welcome to Alien Thrill Seeker, Book Two of the Adrenaline Rush series. Subterfuge, battles with robot hordes, and a run-in with an alien crime boss stand in Coop's way. But he's feeling better than he has in 20 years and the show must go on!

And maybe when the dust settles, he might have a clue what to do with the viral intelligence that has taken up residence in his mind.

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