Adrenaline Rush

Book Cover: Fight or Flight
Part of the Adrenaline Rush series:

What happens when a washed-up, black-listed, alcoholic, but still handsome former action star signs a contract for medical experiments with a sinister race of alien machine intelligences?

Ben “Coop” Cooper is about to find out.

The reality of an unregulated medical laboratory on Titan is nothing like his past roles from the big screen. There's no director on hand to yell "cut" when he's fighting for his life. And no co-star ever injected him with an alien virus before. Instead it's all bar fights and police pursuits and beatdowns from alien robots.

But in the end, Coop will strive to do what all movie heroes do: save the world from certain doom.

Welcome to Fight or Flight, Book One of the Adrenaline Rush series, an action-packed, humorous romp in the orbit of Saturn that may just hold the cure for all human illness and disease.

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