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Lawrence M. Schoen founded Paper Golem LLC on 8 November 2006 to address several under-served niches.

We began with a reprint collection, Prime Codex, showcasing many of the writers who made up the first generation of Codex, an online writing community founded by Luc Reid. From there we branched out in two directions, addressing the lack of markets for genre novellas and identifying up and coming short story authors and giving. The former produced our Alembical series and the latter incredible collections by such authors as Cat Rambo, Eric James Stone, and Tom Doyle. From there we moved on to some experimental, “prompt” anthologies, as well as a book of science fiction cat stories (because we could).

Initially, we printed our books in both hard cover and trade paperback formats. With the raise in popularity of ebooks and the proliferation of software to create them, many of our titles have since transitioned to this electronic format, allowing us to keep them in print long after the feasibility of maintaining their paper versions has passed.

Paper Golem has also evolved to serve as the home imprint for works by Lawrence M. Schoen, most notably his “Amazing Conroy” series of novels, novellas, and shorter stories.

While we are intending to release additional titles in 2019, we are currently closed to submissions.