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Richard Baldwin is a Toronto-based writer, graphic designer and editor. Cucurbital 2

Tobias Buckell is a Clarion graduate, a Writers of The Future winner, and Campbell Award nominee. Prime Codex

Beth Cato creates stories, cookies, and the occasional poem within her Sonoran desert lair. Cucurbital 3

J. Kathleen Cheney has been a finalist for both the Nebula Award and the PRISM Award. Alembical 2

Arthur (Buck) Dorrance is a graduate of Clarion East, Odyssey, and other workshops. He co-edited Alembical, Cucurbital, Alembical 2, and Rejiggering The Thingamajig

Mae Empson writes short fiction and poetry, often inspired by fairy tales, myths, or superstitions. Cucurbital 3

Geoffrey Girard is a Writers of The Future winner and currently teaches English at a High School in Ohio. Prime Codex

David W. Goldman is a Writers of The Future winner and lives in Portland, Oregon. Prime Codex

Jim C. Hines is the author of the Gobin Quest trilogy and the four volume Princess series. Prime Codex

C. L. Holland is a fantasy writer from the UK. Cucurbital 2, Cucurbital 3

M. K. Hutchins has a degree in archaeology. She writes high fantasy and science fiction. Cucurbital 3

Elaine Isaak calmly informs everyone that “you do not want to be my hero.” Prime Codex

Sarah L. Johnson is a Canadian writer of off-beat fiction who once uttered a very bad word in the middle of a very quiet bookstore. Cucurbital 3

Mary Robinette Kowal is a Campbell and Hugo Award winner, Nebula Award nominee, novelist and puppeteer. Prime Codex

Jay Lake is a Campbell Award winner, multiple Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominee, editor, and novelist. Alembical, Cucurbital

David D. Levine is a Writers of the Future and Hugo Award winner, and a Campbell and Nebula Award nominee. Alembical 2

Michael Livingston is a Writers of The Future winner, and teaches English at The Citadel. He co-edited Prime Codex and Eyes Like Sky And Coal And Moonlight

James Maxey is the author of the Bitterwood series, as well as several superhero novels. Prime Codex

Melissa Mead is a writer of strange things; she lives in the Albany, NY area. Cucurbital 2, Cucurbital 3

Christine Morgan writes in almost any genre, and works the overnight shift in a psychiatric facility. Cucurbital 3

Ruth Nestvold is a graduate of Clarion and a Nebula Award nominee. She lives in Stuttgart, Germany. Prime Codex

Kat Otis writes everything from historical fantasy to urban fantasy, with a bit of science fiction thrown in. Cucurbital 2

Tom Pendergrass is an enigma. Either that, or we just couldn’t find anything about him to put here. Prime Codex

Tony Pi is a Canadian linguist born in Taipei, Taiwan. Alembical 2

Cat Rambo is a graduate of Clarion, an Endeavor Award finalist, editor, and reviewer. Prime Codex, Eyes Like Sky And Coal And Moonlight

Mike Rimar is a self-described “taco puzzle wrapped in an tortilla shell enigma.” We couldn’t make that up. Cucurbital 2

Matthew S. Rotundo is a Writers of The Future winner, and a graduate of Odyssey. Prime Codex

Catherine Schaff-Stump is a graduate of Viable Paradise as well as Taos Toolbox, and has a PhD in 2nd Language Acquisition. Cucurbital 2, Cucurbital 3

Lawrence M. Schoen is a Campbell, Hugo, and Nebula Award nominee. He speaks Klingon and thinks you should too. And he’s also a hypnotist. He’s the publisher here at Paper Golem, and has edited or co-edited all of the books

Ken Scholes is a Writers of the Future winner, and has been a preacher, musician, and labelgun repairman. Prime Codex

Brian E. Shaw is Marine combat veteran, National Security Professional, and perennial adventure seeker. His first published story appears in Cucurbital 3

Mike Shultz asserts that he is “a pod person from Mars.” Who are we to argue? Prime Codex

Eric James Stone is a Writers of The Future winner, Nebula Award winner, and Hugo nominee. Prime Codex

Bruce Taylor, aka “Mr. Magic Realism,” writes magic realism, as well as bizarro and surrealism. Alembical, Cucurbital

E. Catherine Tobler lives and writes in Colorado. She’s also the editor of Shimmer magazine. Prime Codex, Cucurbital 2

James Van Pelt is a Campbell and Nebula Award nominee. He teaches high school English. Alembical, Cucurbital

Ray Vukcevich defies our meager powers of description. Alembical, Cucurbital