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Who is Emmet, anyway?

Emmet is the name of our resident golem mascot. That’s him in our logo (designed by Mary Robinette Kowal). Emmet’s name derives from the Hebrew word emet, meaning “truth.” For more on this word and its connection to golems, see wikipedia.


How do I order Paper Golem books?

On the main navigation bar (above) you’ll find the option “Paper,” beneath which are the choices “anthologies” and “collections.” Select either of these and you’ll find descriptions of our books (anthologies or single-author collections, depending on which you picked), and links to use to order them.


What if I want to submit some of my own fiction?

No problem. Simply choose the option “guidelines” from the navigation bar to learn our general policies regarding submissions, as well as what we’re currently looking for.


What’s your position on ebooks?

We like ebooks. We like the convenience. We like the possibilities they open up. But we also like books made out of paper. Each has their place, and we want to see them peacefully co-exist.

We think that if you’ve bought a physical book – whether hardbound or paperback – that you shouldn’t be expected to pay for it a second time just because you want to read it on a device. So as we go forward, we’re acquiring ebook rights (specifically ePub and mobi formats) for the books we publish. We’re also negotiating to acquire those rights for our previous books.

What this means for you is simple: for those books we have the e-rights, if you’ve purchased a physical copy of the book, email us and include a photo of yourself holding up the book and we’ll send you back a free ebook. The details of how to do this, as well as more specifics on the topic, can be found in the “gallery” option of the main navigation bar (above).


I have another question.

Contact Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen, Publisher:

And he’ll try his best to answer you in a timely fashion.