Buffalo Dogs

The Amazing Conroy Book 0

He's the greatest hypnotist in known space.

And it might cost him his life.

The Arconi take two things seriously — absolute truth and their prize commodity: buffalo dogs.

When one of Conroy's hypnotic suggestions is taken literally, they arrest him in the middle of his stage act.

Now he's facing execution or a bill for a $10 million alien creature.

Can he use hypnosis to beat the Arconi's truth-telling telepathy, save his life, and escape back to Earth?

Cover Artists:

Getting arrested a few days before I was to head back to Earth was the last thing I had in mind. I'd been working the Lil Doggie, the only spaceport lounge on Gibrahl, for the past three and a half weeks. My contract called for two shows a night, with an additional matinee on Saturday. I had Sundays off. A day on Gibrahl runs near enough to twenty-four hours as not to quibble, but the weeks last for eight of them instead of seven. My agent back on Earth hadn't bothered to look into the extra day issue before booking me into a contract that paid by the week. It meant that the two shows I was required to do on Gibsday were freebies; all the work for none of the pay.